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12 Deck Hand and Foot

"New Easy Draw"
"Rolling Card Holder"
Hand and Foot
Hand, Knee and Foot - Triple Play

The Card Holders


Rolling Card Holders
With Quality Pine Wood -
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These Rolling Card Holders are Great!   For people and children that have a difficulty holding their cards.

We have Quality - Wooden Playing Card Holders.  They are Sanded and Varnished.  Ideal Gifts!

The Rolling Card Holders - DO NOT - include the Playing Cards.

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 "New Easy Draw"12 Deck Hand and Foot

Hand & Foot
12 Deck 3 Slot

3 Deck Rolling Hand and foot
Also Hand, Knee and Foot
9 Deck - Rolling Card Holder
     2 Deck Canasta Rolling card holder

2 Deck - 2 Slot "Mini"
4 Deck 2 Slot Canasta Card Holder
4 Deck - 2 Slot   Clear Card Holder

Samba Card Holder
SAMBA 6 Deck - 2 Slot
 Card Holder
3 Bar Card Holder
3 Slot - Wooden Bar Card Holders
$6.00 ea or 4 for $24.00

Hand Knee and Foot
Hand, Knee, and Foot
6 Deck- 3 Slot
Coming Coming
How to Play Hand and Foot.pdf

Hand Knee and Foot Instructions.pdf
Free - Rules to Play by - Click on These Links
Hand & Foot Scorecard
for 6 players.pdf

Click This pdf Link - Print on your Printer
How to Play Canasta
According to Hoyle.pdf

Click This pdf Link - Print on your Printer

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